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MTM Trends Report

The MTM Trends Report compiles metrics, case studies, stories and more to showcase the current state of Medication Therapy Management and emerging trends. The report looks at community pharmacies’ engagement in MTM, reviews exciting new developments impacting payers and providers and shares insights into the future of MTM. I serve as the story architect, lead writer, design lead and project manager for the report. This involves leading a cross-functional workgroup to assemble ideas and analyze data, creating the storyboard, interviewing, editing and navigating approval processes and managing the print vendor.

Excerpt from a past travel blog

T.I.A. This is Africa It’s the standard response around here when traffic is bad, safety standards are shaky at best and it’s pouring rain when you want to set up a tent. But the same could be said when you see a stunning landscape of mountains rising out of the mist, gorillas chomping away on some leaves, a lion stroll by your van, colorful women carrying baskets on their heads with babies strapped to their backs and the million other incredible sights that lovely, temperamental Africa has to offer...Everything feels so alive because it’s all stripped down to basics. Luxury means something different here and common conveniences from home are far and few between, but there’s something about Africa that glosses over all the not-so-nice things and keeps you coming back for more.

Rave Reviews

Heather, thank you for your help preparing and executing the annual National MTM Advisory Board meeting. Your expert eye and assistance with the slide deck were extremely valuable, and you continuously push me to delegate tasks, so I can focus on the right things. Your work didn't end with meeting itself as you have coordinated survey feedback, organized staff debriefs and are holding the team accountable for providing transparency into the meeting to maximize its value. I greatly appreciate your help pulling this meeting off each year!

- Dani Markus, VP, Clinical and Payer Products, OutcomesMTM

Thank you for your quick attention to the need for a network communication about the changes with our client. You created a message that is direct and helpful and one that sheds positive light on both the client and the pharmacies. Thank you for your continuous willingness to help out in a pinch, and your inventiveness on the spot. You can spin anything!

- Molly Sullivan, Payer Accounts supervisor, OutcomesMTM

I’d like to give a huge shout out and kudos to Heather for her amazing talent, dedication and overwhelming contribution to yet another successful MTM Trends Report. You continue to go above and beyond what is asked of you to make everything you do better! You’re work ethic and spirit is infectious and you continue to raise the bar each and everyday! Thank you for being an awesome colleague!
- Steve Berry, former Director of Marketing, OutcomesMTM

Thank you for everything you assisted with related to the discontinuation of our Option 1 and Option 2 program. Not only did you lead the communication effort, but you also included those who need to be involved to ensure all team members were aware of the plan and had input. Our team and I appreciate all the effort you invested in this project. Your were a pleasure to work with and made this transition so much easier on our team. 

- Erika Horstmann, Director, Patient Engagement Team, Cardinal Health

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About me

While studying journalism and public relations at Iowa State University as a National Merit Scholar, my love of travel was kindled by a trip to Europe and study abroad adventures. in Australia, Paris/London and China. That pursuit of new experiences continued with a move to Phoenix after graduation. There my love of travel led me to join the team at STA Travel. I polished my sales and problem solving skills as a team lead and a group travel coordinator in a new and growing line of business, group travel. 

I left STA Travel to travel through the UK and Africa for several months before returning home to Iowa. I was able to take time off to assist my grandmother as she recovered from surgery before moving to the vibrant city of Des Moines to join the OutcomesMTM team. 

In my time with OutcomesMTM, which was later acquired by Cardinal Health, I have had the pleasure and privilege of touching a wide variety of marketing disciplines and activities from email and web to product development to brand architecture to employee engagement--and nearly everything in between. In addition, I've led change management efforts as our company was acquired, as we acquired and integrated another company and launching a new brand that integrated three different healthcare technology and service companies.

My career has been a study in rolling up the sleeves, figuring things out and getting it done, luckily in collaboration with incredibly talented, intelligent and passionate team members. I've been a people leader -unofficially and officially - and have done my best to inspire, mentor and teach along the way.

My superpowers are rooted in communication, attention to detail and connecting people and information. I continuously seek to understand where my audience is coming from and how a message will be best received. You can always find me asking questions or seeking perspective from clients, team members, subject matter experts or reading up on the latest industry news or marketing trends. Even the best ideas won't succeed with thoughtful consideration of downstream impacts and how each audience or stakeholder will perceive it. With each major project I take on, I push the team to think through the details from start to finish, so we can anticipate the impacts and mitigate unintended consequences. Tying out every detail helps ensure no one gets left behind, and our clients, partners and employees have a positive experience. to me, marketing at its core is connection. Getting the right people in the room, bringing ideas together, providing the information someone needs to act. In every aspect of my job, I ask myself, "Who needs to be involved? What do they need to know? How can I help them get where they want to go?"

I look forward to getting to know you, too!